Moving to the DFW area in the mid 1980s, Brad began his career as one of the first artists involved in revitalizing the Deep Ellum area of Dallas with his colorful, large scale murals.  This work helped to create the new art movement in that area of town as well as commissions with television, hotels, restaurants, newspapers and more.  By 1990, Brad moved his studio to Burleson, Texas, where he has turned a small Texas town into a city wide art project.

Brad continues to take commissions and enjoys working on his fine art at the studio, in his spare time.
Randi has been partnered with Brad, managing the business and serving as office manager for about 20 years or so.  When she isn't doing that, she volunteers for a Texas based, non-profit horse rescue - Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society, (VP over Adoptions/Adoption Coordinator).  Brad and Randi both enjoy spending time with son, Cameron,  their horses, family and friends.
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"We enjoy spending time at the studio, where the art is and our horses live. 

To the far left is Demi (Demeter), a palomino mare, rescued in 2003.  She is one of our four horses that live on the property.

The images in the center of the page, to the left, are just a sample of the many beautiful sunsets we see in the evenings, from the back of the studio, or out in the pasture.  We feel constantly inspired, fortunate and honored to be able to witness the beauty of nature and wildlife in our every day lives."

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